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127 South Bend East

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127 South Bend East rentals are pan-accessible designed homes. Our senior housing rental  in Hamilton are expertly designed to consider various mobility, dexterity, and cognitive and visual challenges, supporting independent living for all who wish to age in place.

We understand that you want to continue enjoying life your way. These units will empower you to do so with the dignity and ease of living you deserve. Elements incorporating barrier-free design, such as ramped entry, elevator access, wide doorways, and floating workstations, separate Penguin Living's accessible homes in Hamilton from other residential institutes.

We aim to provide you with safe, modern living and improved comfort without sacrificing your individuality or independence. Avoid the cost and headache of renovating or moving into a retirement home; a Penguin Living home can be customized based on your needs, likes, and aesthetics. Our retirement residences in Toronto will provide you with a home where you can be proud to host friends and family, which can truly become your sanctuary.

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