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A property management company, serving the Greater Hamilton area

Experience the Hanlyn Difference

01. Investors

Ensuring smooth operations, maximized rental income, and less stress for clients, allowing you to focus your time on what matters to you most.

02. Tenants

Providing tenants with peace of mind. You can count on timely repairs, responsive communication, and a smooth rental experience.

03. Realtors

Hanlyn Property Management is a trusted partner to realtors in the GTA—you can feel confident when referring clients to our services.

Experience the Hanlyn difference.

What Drives Us?

Providing exceptional property management services, enhancing property values and tenant satisfaction through efficient, integrated solutions for clients and tenants alike.


Your Investment, with Our Personalized Approach.
There is no one like you and there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to your needs. As property investors ourselves, we we understand the importance of protecting investment capital while maximizing the performance of your assets.
Two colleagues are working in a modern office with brick walls and shelves. One person is sitting at a desk, typing on a laptop, while the other stands beside her, holding a mug. Both are smiling as they discuss property management in Hamilton. There are two white mugs and a smartphone on the desk.

Available Rentals

Easy Property Search, with Seemless Experience.

Our rental listings directory makes finding your ideal home a breeze. Filter by location, price, size, and amenities to quickly narrow down your choices.

Plus, with updated listings and real-time availability, you’re always seeing the most current options.

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Property Management Company Testimonials.

At Hanlyn, we highly value the relationships we have been able to forge with our clients and tenants, and sincerely look forward to getting to know you.

Alex Sopinka

The best property management company I've ever had.

Very responsive to issues. Also, they do not require entry to your unit every week, so you really do feel like you own the unit. I had a couple issues over 3 years, which speaks to the properties they choose to manage. They are well-maintained and NOT prone to frequent issues, so you're getting a good unit with no problems from Day 1. If anything arises, Hanlyn acts quickly to resolve the issues. Will definitely be on the lookout for properties managed by them in future!

Jaqueline Aitken

Hanlyn took over as the PM company for the unit I am currently living in, and the experience has left me feeling that this is what Property management companies are supposed to be.

Within days, issues that had been unaddressed for years were tended to. Aesthetic items within the main areas of the building were updated, without any prompting from tenants leading me to believe that Hanlyn has pride in their properties. Response times are quick and communication is beyond professional and pleasant. Not a bad thing to say.

Amy Latimer-Cheung

Dave and his team have managed our rental property for three years. It has been an outstanding, worry-free experience.

Hanlyn staff carefully selected tenants who were respectful of our home and treated the property like their own. The Hanlyn staff were very responsive to their repair needs. They required no direction on our part - a company strength in our minds given that we live 5 hours away and needed a local team. We highly recommend Hanlyn Property Management to other property owners.

Revitalizing Communities

A Decade of Growth with Hanlyn Property Management.
A tree-lined street corner with two large, Victorian-style houses made of red brick and decorative trim is a testament to classic elegance. The houses, managed by Property Management Hamilton, feature pointed gables and manicured gardens bursting with colorful flowers. A roundabout with vibrant flowerbeds graces the foreground.
Discover the transformative journey of Hanlyn Property Management over the past ten years. Our commitment to quality service and community engagement has not only elevated neighborhoods but also cemented our role as a conscientious and recognized local leader in property management.
Join us in celebrating our growth and the positive impact we’ve made in the communities we serve.